School Y
Appendix A

Questions about the introduction of IT to the school and teacher training
Information gathered: 1/5/98

Teacher A



Have you used any of the new computers at school? If yes, what have you used them for?

Word processing. E-mail.

Have you found the new network hard to use?

No. On the whole everything is clearly laid out.

What do you find useful about the network? What do you find to be time consuming and not much help?

You are given clear guidance on how to use different functions which makes it easy to experiment and find your own way. It takes too long to add topics to the desktop and can be too helpful.

What do you use IT for in school? And what things would you like to be able to do with IT in school? If you aren't doing some of these things, why not?

Producing worksheets. I would like to be able to use IT as a resource for research in the classroom. It would be particularly useful to help with differentiation. I am not doing this because there are no computers close to my classroom.

Do you think most of the staff are competent users of IT? Or most of the History Department?

.improving!! Most people tend to use the computers largely for word processing and do not make use of them as much as they could.

How receptive do you think the staff are to learning to use IT?

On the whole, people are very interested, it is a question of having the time / help needed to do so.

What training on the use of IT have you received? Or on the use of the network?

None, apart from one session about using the internet. I have learnt by experimenting myself.

What do you think the school's priorities should be regarding training staff in the use of IT in the future?

Focussing on the different ways that the network can be used during lesson time and as a resource for pupils.

What would you improve right away about the school's use of IT if you could?

To have easier access to the network for students.

Any other comments about the use of It in school and teacher training:

IT could be used to cut some administrative tasks.

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