School Y
Appendix B

Questions about the introduction of IT to the school and teacher training
Information gathered: 8/5/98

Teacher B



Have you used any of the new computers at school? If yes, what have you used them for?

Word processing. Internet research.

Have you found the new network hard to use?

Initially, but OK now.

What do you find useful about the network? What do you find to be time consuming and not much help?

Range of material available
Lack of computers available to use

What do you use IT for in school? And what things would you like to be able to do with IT in school? If you aren't doing some of these things, why not?

Word processing
Internet. Reasearch for the Sixth form. For Politics, research for party and institutional information.

Do you think most of the staff are competent users of IT? Or most of the History Department?


How receptive do you think the staff are to learning to use IT?

Quite receptive as long as it is presented in a straight forward way.

What training on the use of IT have you received? Or on the use of the network?

Some nightschool

What do you think the school's priorities should be regarding training staff in the use of IT in the future?

More time to learn. Wider access. Computerising records! Specific subject application.

What would you improve right away about the school's use of IT if you could?

Computerising records. Access.

Any other comments about the use of It in school and teacher training:

Took long time coming.

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