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Appendix E

This appendix contains appropriate extracts from the minutes of meetings and other documents at School X. The items included were chosen because of their relevance to Case Study X, and for the purpose of confirming the accuracy (or otherwise) of the record of events (triangulation). They are listed in chronological order, and are taken from the minutes of the meetings given in the list below. Each meeting has been allocated a code so that it can be easily referenced.

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CodeMeetingApproximate FrequencyRecorder
MDMaths DepartmentFortnightlySiM (usually)
ITWPIT Working PartyTwice TermlyITM / DH2
STAFFWhole StaffTermlyDH1
HODHeads of DepartmentFortnightlyDH1
CWPCurriculum Working PartyTwice TermlyDH2

Where references to members of staff are made, the following codes are used:

CodeMember of Staff
DH11st Deputy Head
DH22nd Deputy Head - Curriculum
DH33rd Deputy Head - Finance
ITMIT Manager
TcITTeacher coordinating IT (until arrival of ITM)
ITTecIT Technician (until arrival of ITM)
HoMHead of Maths
SiMSecond in Maths
MITCMaths IT Coordinator

The period of time covered by the case study runs (approximately) from September 1995 until the end of 1996.
Where it might aid understanding or interpretation, additional details of specific events are also included in this record.

Extracts from minutes of various meetings and other documents at School X
Date Meeting Item
5 September 94 MD From Maths Department response to School Curriculum Development Plan "The use of Information Technology should be developed, by the provision of a great deal more software, and by training to build up confidence with packages and to develop suitable activities. The provision of computers in Maths classrooms is also desired."
16 May 95 MD Year 7-9 IT TcIT was present; apparently to listen to our discussions and to lend advice on the subject. At this point some thought were asked for.
INSET was suggested, as some members of the department seem not to be 100% clear as to what exactly is and is not available. TcIT has written a basic guide to the use of LOGO, and is in the finishing stages of a guide to Excel. He also intimated that the SMT are not averse to allowing departmental time to IT, and that he could give a basic talk on how to "power-up" the network, and get the boys logged-on.
Areas where the department feel that IT is of particular value are: B.A.S.I.C. programming (some confusion arose here as to the difference between B.A.S.I.C. and Basic!), LOGO, and Spreadsheets. One teacher said that the boys were better at LOGO than himself, and this feeling was echoed by some members of the department. TcIT also pointed out that ITTec the technician was able to print out entire sets of work given a couple of days notice. He also suggested that we look at the use of Desk Top Publishing, and a device for controlling traffic lights called Contact 2000. A teacher suggested the use of packages for statistics and surveys.
The opinion currently held by OFSTED with regard to IT assessment is that as long as it was taking place, then that was fine, and there was not a specifically required format. It was then mentioned that a departmental method of IT assessment would be preferable than individual ones.
September 95 ITM joined the school to take responsibility for management of the network and IT development. MITC joined the Maths department as an NQT.
12 December 95 MD IT MITC is currently liaising with ITM regarding IT curriculum development.
22 January 96 ITM sent a memo to SiM regarding KS3 / KS4 IT and Maths
The memo contained guidance as to the role of the Maths department in meeting IT National Curriculum requirements. Two relevant excerpts from the memo are included here :
"Generally speaking if the NC Mathematics computing IT requirement is adhered to then this will complete the KS3 and KS4 Information Technology requirement as far as computers is concerned."
"As you are aware IT computing element will not be taught as a discrete subject, but carried within core subjects; where KS4 is concerned this will be within English, Maths, Science, RE. It is therefore apparent that your NC Maths requirement must mesh with that of the IT computer requirement where appropriate to minimise any further load being put on to the department purely to meet the IT computing requirements within the NC.
I feel that the use of Excel will meet all or most of the needs within KS4, however I do realise this is not exclusive choice and would discuss any other software need. As there is no defined computer teaching staff you will be required to teach the use of computers and associated software where appropriate."
23 January 96 MD IT developments SiM has been informed by ITM of the requirement for the Mathematics department to take on board responsibility for delivering substantial elements (as yet unspecified) of IT set out in the revised National Curriculum. Of specific concern are the requirements of KS4 IT. There was a consensus view that effective use could be made of the additional time to be allocated to Year 8 to develop the use of IT within the Mathematics curriculum. MITC is to explore ways of enhancing the teaching of Mathematics in this way and will report back at the next department meeting (6 February 96). From the perspective of a coherent long-term view, a decision will then be made as to what the Mathematics department can achieve in the short term without impinging upon the requirement to deliver the Mathematics content set out in the National Curriculum.
6 February 96 MD IT Training Day MITC is to lead the day's events. The morning session will be used to establish the extent to which IT is being used in the teaching of Mathematics from Year 7 to Year 11. An outline of how the use of IT can then be developed in this context will then be agreed.
20 February 96 STAFF Language College DH3 explained that the school's bid to achieve language college status had been prepared for the DfEE. The project is of great benefit to the school as it would enhance language teaching and IT.
26 February 96 MD Training Days Time will be given over discussion groups so that the following issues can be addressed : (amongst others) IT developments within the Maths curriculum.
IT development MITC presented an outline of proposals for enhancing the teaching of Mathematics through the use of IT. Areas where this work contributes to the achievement of IT Attainment Targets were specified. MITC is to liaise with HoM and SiM to finalise details.
21 March 96 ITWP Curriculum ITM to continue to work on IT Curriculum Plan for 96/97. He will discuss with department representatives early in Summer term.
24 May 96 MITC led an INSET day with the Maths department.
See the case study for more detail.
4 June 96 STAFF School Development Plan DH1 reported that the IT provision in the school was to be enhanced and increased and, as a result, presentations by computer companies had been arranged. In two or three years' time we should be as well resourced as any school in IT.
2 September 96 STAFF IT Update DH2 explained that, as part of the Language College bid, 200,000 worth of ICL equipment would be installed throughout the school. ITM gave an update on the new IT equipment and informed staff that the installation of a new file server, new PCs and new networking ports in various areas of the school would commence week beginning 9 September 96 and take approximately 10 days. The computer room would probably be out of action and computer facilities very limited at this time.
24 September 96 MD Handbook : IT Policy MITC presented the detail of the department's IT policy to colleagues. The coherence of the policy, which is reflected in the KS3 and KS4 schemes of work, owes much to long-term planning and no little effort. A job well done! Surprise was expressed at the unexpected arrival of large numbers of PCs in some departments. SiM expressed some concern at the apparent failure to make known the rationale upon which the decision to allocate such substantial resources has been based, let alone the decision itself. Clarification in this regard is to be sought.
Computers Three of the Archimedes that were originally located in the IT rooms are now in place in the resource room.
5 November 96 MD IT INSET MITC gave a demonstration of uses of IT to enhance the teaching of Mathematics; for this purpose the Year 8 scheme of work provided the specific focus of curriculum development. Colleagues shared other ideas and a discussion of a variety of issues relating to the use of IT developed during the course of the meeting. The meeting proved particularly fruitful.
12 November 96 MD IT Developments The previous department meeting was a definite success. There has been a great deal of curriculum development in this area over the last eighteen months and long-term planning is now bearing fruit. MITC's efforts in this regard are appreciated. IT developments will be the subject of continuous review.
28 November 96 ITWP KS3 / KS4 It is essential that we compile an IT KS3 / KS4 map of what is happening All departments are asked to submit to DH2 two short papers:
1. The IT Curriculum they are teaching now.
2. The IT Curriculum Developments that they hope to make in the future. Included in this is to be any training requirements that they have.
To be completed as soon as possible and by the end of term at the latest. ITM will circulate to all Heads of Departments and members of the committee copies of the IT KS3 / KS4 National Curriculum requirements.
February 97 OFSTED Inspection

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