Appendix D

Questionnaire filled in by main course tutor about Activity B
Information gathered: 05/07/99



1. Do you feel the instructions for Activity B were clear? (How well organised was the activity?) I think that they were clear, yes including aims and objectives as well as an intro and reasonable reading direction, plus action in a to do list.
As a start to a lesson or topic I think it shows good class organisation.
A minor niggle was the referencing style using the 1 was not good practice. We use the one style which is APA style using the year in brackets. (just to let you know) "cooperative writing with computers1, Scrimshaw (1993) .."
2. The aims of Activity B were:
  1. To reflect on the effectiveness of the teaching strategies used in the case studies.
  2. To encourage reflective practice with ICT by considering your own experience of teaching using ICT.
Do you feel that these objectives were achieved?
I think that the students who were able to relate these cases to their experience and bothered to do the reading did achieve these objectives. The major exception was those from outside the school situation. I wonder if the FE students will be less positive. In further we'll need to include cases for a training aspect, especially for trainers in non-educational situations.
3. Do you feel the activity motivated the students to take part? How did or didn't it motivate them? Ah, I think I answered that in the previous question. A lot of the motivation was due to relevance. In addition the comments from other students were important, especially where they were prepared to state that they needed help, were lonely etc.
4. Did the students learn as a result of this task? If so, what do you feel the students learned? I think that some did. I think that they learned that there were issues in implementing ICT and that it takes thought. I hope that they learned that reflective practice with ICT is similar to other reflective practice.
5. How effectively do you feel we used the VSC discussion area and organisers? I think that the organisers are weaker that the classroom discussion, but the grouping of URLs in the organisers is useful for those groups that use them. They were also possibly useful to get some students started in wiring on-line to a smaller group.
I think the classroom discussion was key to getting students to process and work with information on ICT and effective teaching.
Did you use email too and did its private nature have a different role?
6. Please add any further comments about the effectiveness, organisation and tutoring of Activity B. I felt that your style of tutoring which was both supportive and suggesting that they get on with it was good. There was also a pair of complementary styles between you, with (tutor X) more willing to show doubts and directions, that was backed up well by (tutor Y) who took a lead role with technological matters. I.e. the teamwork was evident.
I suspect that a bit more could have been said about gathering evidence in the discussion, just on the side. Also remarks to assist students to consider other phases or areas of the curriculum.
I wonder did my comments to you, by email, before the activity help or hinder?
I wonder if the fact that you were good role models as students have a part to play in this?

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