University of Exeter - School of Education B.Phil / M.Ed Modular Degree Programme
Managing and Organising IT effectively for learning G163 - Spring 1999 Professor Niki Davis
A case study of tutoring an on-line course
Submitted by: Alastair Reynolds and Megan Dick Previous modules undertaken : G162, G161, P51


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Appendix A The activity "Strategies for Teaching with ICT: Two Case Studies" written by the authors for the course.
Appendix B Questionnaires and student responses for the first questionnaire (completed before Activity B).
Appendix C Questionnaires and student responses for the second questionnaire (completed after Activity B).
Appendix D Questionnaire completed by the main course tutor about Activity B.
Appendix E Transcript of discussion between the two assignment authors about issues which had arisen during the first week of Activity B and about changes which needed to be made to the second questionnaire.
Appendix F Comments made by students in a group structured interview carried out at the end of the course.

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