University of Exeter - School of Education B.Phil / M.Ed Modular Degree Programme
Managing and Organising IT effectively for learning G163 - Spring 1999 Professor Niki Davis
A case study of tutoring an on-line course
Submitted by: Alastair Reynolds and Megan Dick Previous modules undertaken : G162, G161, P51

Introduction and Contents
The content of this page was agreed by both authors and the page was written by Megan Dick.


The focus of this assignment is the management of learning in on-line courses. Research in this area has been reviewed and an activity in an on-line course tutored by the authors has been studied. The two literature reviews focus on theory relating to management of learning in an on-line environment, taking into account theories of virtual classrooms and adult and distance learning. Data has been collected from students on the course, from the main course tutor and directly from the on-line course environment. The analysis of the case is framed within the context of management and learning theories, considering the management issues which arose while tutoring this on-line course.

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Title Page
Introduction and Contents
Assignment Layout
Literature Review (Part I)
A framework for consideration of management issues
On-line learning environments
Effective management of learning in on-line environments
Literature Review (Part II)
Adult learning
Learning Environments
Learning Communities
Distance Learning
Issues arising from distance learning
Introduction to the Case Study
Description of case study
Methods of data collection
Access and ethical considerations
Analysis (Part I)
Establishing Objectives
Analysis (Part II)
Developing People
Measurement and Analysis
Final Conclusions
Combined conclusions
Personal reflections

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