University of Exeter - School of Education B.Phil / M.Ed Modular Degree Programme
Learning Effectively with ICT - G161 Summer 1998 Professor Niki Davis
Evaluation of effectiveness in two case studies of learning using IT
Submitted by: Alastair Reynolds and Megan Dick Previous modules undertaken : G162

Introduction to the Case Studies
The content of this page was discussed and agreed by both authors and the page was written by Alastair Reynolds.
A transcript of the discussion can be found in Appendix K.

Brief description of cases

Megan Dick is writing the account and analysis of Case Study X, looking at the use of History simulation software to teach about motte and bailey castles.

Alastair Reynolds is writing the account and analysis of Case Study Y, looking at the teaching of circle relationships using an activity based in the LOGO environment.

Outline research plan

Both studies are examining the effectiveness of tasks which involve IT. It was agreed that a range of techniques would be used to analyse the activities. These include:

This range of techniques should lead to a balanced assessment of the extent to which the tasks were effective in each case. Since the activities and their contexts are different, the research will take different forms, but the points above will form the basic framework.

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